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Master Gary Eikenberry, 7th Dan black belt, Chief Instructor
PLEASE NOTE: In-person classes are currently suspended. CLICK HERE for on-line training and other options.

Real World Self-defence Classes Classes

Monthly real world self-defence classes at Winning Circle are open to both experienced martial artists training in any discipline and to anyone who wants to learn and refine self-defence sensibilities, skills and techniques. The techniques we teach and practise are not tied to any specific martial arts system, but drawn from a wide range of sources and are geared to real world situations, techniques and strategies anyone can learn and apply.

However, just learning a technique is rarely sufficient. Without regular practice you may not be ready to respond appropriately, on demand in a timely manner. Our classes offer the opportunity to learn and perfect more advanced techniques, but, more importantly, they allow us to practise what we've already learned, and, through repitition, program our responses so we don't have to stop and think about what to do, losing critical time. They also offer the opportunity to role play, workshop and problem-solve to test and develop appropriate responses to situations which might be drawn from personal experience, current events or other sources.

Under the leadership of Master Gary Eikenberry, Founder of the Four Star Self-defence System, classes are open to everyone. There are no age, gender or level restrictions. Current students of GO Self-defence/HupKwonDo or Winning Circle are welcome and encouraged to attend, but so is everyone else.

Come once or come often: Learn new self-defence skills and techniques or hone those you already have. Class content is tailored to the interests, level and requirements of participants and may include basic and advance release techniques, ground escapes and situational or freestyle self-defence.

Pay-as-you-go: There is no membership fee or long-term commitment. Offered through Winning Circle Martial Arts, a single 2 hour Self-defence class at Winning Circle is $25.00 plus HST.

Self-defence classes at Winning Circle are currently available the 1st Saturday of each month, 12:30 - 2:30 PM.
Advanced registration and payment no later than the preceding Thursday is required. Email or call Winning Circle at 613-599-5425 to register.


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