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Master Gary Eikenberry, 7th Dan black belt, Chief Instructor
PLEASE NOTE: In person classes and workshops are suspended while Covid-19 restrictions are in effect.
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On-line Classes
As Ottawa and most of the rest of the world have instituted policies in an effort to control the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus our regular classes and workshops are suspended for the foreseeable future. We expect to resume regular classes at such time as the proper authorities and the facilites where we train deem that it is possible to do so safely.

During this time we have also suspended student fees. Any balance in terms of weeks or months paid will be carried forward until actual physical classes are able to resume.

In lieu of our normal classes are currently offering an online class as a means of staying in touch, and maintaining at least some degree of training. While we clearly can't practice things like sparring and power and self-defence drills, we can take advantage of this time to work on refining those aspects of our training that don't require physical contact or proximity. At present we are meeting on-line Mondays, 7:15 - 8:00 PM using the Jitsi multi-platform open-source video conferencing system hosted on our own server, so unlike Zoom or other conferencing/video chat systems, ours is completely secure and private. There is no cost to join a Jitsi video conference and there is no account or registration required. Of course, to make the most of it your device will need a microphone & speakers (or hands-free audio capability) and a camera. Although these classes are geared primarily to current members, we're open to welcoming anyone who would like to explore our art with us. See https://gec-office.ca/ll/docs/jitsi-info.pdf for more on the Jitsi platform.

While we are unable to offer participatory self-defence workshops, we are conducting evening online classroom sessions based on the 4-Star Self-Defence program.

No classes are offered in August

Please use our contact form to request details on how you can participate or to explore the possibility of private virtual classes.

We're offering the Monday classes free of charge but we still have expenses, including prepaid rent for our regular class space at the Rideau Sports Centre -- space we are currently unable to use. We'll gladly accept (and even encourage) any donations to put us in a better position to resume normal operations when conditions allow.

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