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Master Gary Eikenberry, 7th Dan black belt, Chief Instructor
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Real World Self-defence Classes

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We recognize that not everyone is interested in the belts and the formal trappings of traditional martial arts training and that not everyone is blessed with the flexibility and athletic ability the popular media have conditioned us to associate with unarmed self-defence. That doesn't mean that you can't learn and apply some very real and effective concepts and techniques designed for real, every day people in the real world. You can #ProtectYourself!
  • Self-defence & street-proofing for ordinary people
  • Practical techniques anyone can use
  • Avoid – control – escape
  • Anyone can learn – everyone can benefit
  • Women, men, seniors, youth
  • No age, gender or fitness level restrictions
  • Train together: families, friends, colleagues
  • Friendly, supportive environment
  • Empowerment & self-confidence
  • Martial arts/self-defence experience welcome but NOT REQUIRED

  • Basic theory:
    Principles & concepts behind the techniques;
  • Basic release techniques: How to break free from grabs and holds;
  • Defence against striking attacks;
  • Counter attacks;
  • Basic throw & ground techniques;
  • Situational self-defence: Scenarios taken from real life.
More advanced students will learn and practise:
  • Advanced release/escape techniques;
  • Advanced throws, ground escapes, counters & grappling;
  • Advanced ground escapes, counters and grappling
  • Advanced theory
  • Control and submission techniques
  • Intervention techniques
  • Weapons defence

Free Self-defence Workshops take place at our regular Ottawa location the second class of most months are open to the public. These workshops provide an overview and give guests a chance to try basic techniques working with more experienced students. Click here for more information about our next workshop.

On-demand/pay-as-you-go real world self-defence classes at Winning Circle offer the opportunity to go into more detail on techniques and theory and provide regular practice and to learn and perfect more advanced techniques.
These classes are open to everyone, including, but not limited to, current students of GO Self-defence/HupKwonDo or Winning Circle. Come once or come often. Learn new self-defence skills and techniques or hone those you already have. Class content is always tailored to the level and requirements of participants and may include basic and advance release techniques, ground escapes and situational or freestyle self-defence. Take advantage of our On-demand/Pay-as-you-go option.
Classes at Winning Circle are usually available Saturdays, 11:15 - 12:30.
Advanced registration is required and classes are subject to instructor and space availability. . If no one registers a class is not held.
E-mail no later than Noon Thursday to register
or See our class information page for more information.

A six session course is also available at either regular location or your own site when there is sufficient demand. While the course isn't a substitute for regular training and practise, it allows us to go into much greater depth than a workshop and provides a foundation in basic self-defence concepts and techniques. Click here for a sample syllabus.

tags: Let's eradicate fear of the streets with confident, capable people out in our communities! Women's self-defence - kids' self-defence - seniors' self-defence - real world self-defence for every day people First, avoid danger; if that's not possible, minimize the risk of injury and create an opportunity to escape All too often a weapon is turned against a defender; an ineffectual kick or punch is grabbed and the defender is thrown to the ground. Effective self-defence is about awareness & avoidance first, escape & control second & counter-attack only as a last resort. There is more to self-defence than the use of force. In fact the use of force should be the last resort You may not be able to knock out someone twice your size, but you can learn how to escape Street-proofing = awareness;
Preparation & self-confidence = empowerment #ProtectYourself! keywords: self-defence self-defense defence defense grapple ground grappling street safe safety protect protection

Special focus areas specific to women, youth, seniors or other groups can be incorporated into regular classes or special classes or workshops.

Instructor training and certification is available through the 4 Star Self-defence System.

Let's eradicate fear of the streets with confident, capable people out in our communities!

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