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tags: Let's eradicate fear of the streets with confident, capable people out in our communities! Women's self-defence - kids' self-defence - seniors' self-defence - real world self-defence for every day people First, avoid danger; if that's not possible, minimize the risk of injury and create an opportunity to escape All too often a weapon is turned against a defender; an ineffectual kick or punch is grabbed and the defender is thrown to the ground. Effective self-defence is about awareness & avoidance first, escape & control second & counter-attack only as a last resort. There is more to self-defence than the use of force. In fact the use of force should be the last resort You may not be able to knock out someone twice your size, but you can learn how to escape Street-proofing = awareness;
Preparation & self-confidence = empowerment #ProtectYourself! keywords: self-defence self-defense defence defense grapple ground grappling street safe safety protect protection
Progress together: families, friends, colleagues in a friendly, supportive environment
  • Our aim: develop strong, confident, conscientous citizens & leaders
  • Open to women, men, seniors, youth
  • Anyone can learn — everyone benefits: no age, gender or fitness level restrictions
  • Empowerment, self-confidence, fitness, fun
  • Quality martial arts & self-defence instruction in Canada's National Capital Region since 1993.
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You may not be able to knock out someone twice your size, but you can learn how to escape
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